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"Discover ZYR-Korn: Your Refreshing Alternative to Vodka!"

Introducing ZYR-Korn, the exciting new alternative to vodka that you've been waiting for!

We understand that many people are looking for a change from the traditional taste of vodka,

and that's why we're thrilled to bring you this new, unique option.

Korn has been a beloved spirit in Germany since the 15th century,

and it's distilled according to the German Purity Law of 1789.

With only 32% alcohol, it has a distinct and delicious flavor

that sets it apart from vodka.

And for those looking for a little more kick,

our Doppelkorn and Kornbrand varieties start at 37.5% alcohol.

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"Experience Centuries of Craftsmanship: ZYR-Korn, Distilled to Perfection!"

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ZYR® 0,7l better than just Vodka 38% vol. Kornbrand (48€)

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"Elevating Tradition: ZYR-Korn, Where Heritage Meets Innovation!"

At ZYR, we're committed to bringing you the very best in German spirits,

and our Korn is no exception.

We've taken this classic recipe and given it a modern twist,

resulting in a spirit that's perfect for any occasion.

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So if you're looking for a fresh and exciting alternative to vodka,

try ZYR-Korn today. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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